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Complete Cleaning of Drilling Rigs and Cargo Vessels

Cleaning of Drilling Rigs

We have experience, expertise and technology to provide our customers with the highest quality of both conventional and automated rig cleaning services.

Our new cleaning technology brings our customers many advantages including:

  • Lowers rig costs by reducing downtime and expediting demobilization of the rig
  • Eliminates extensive man-hours in confined spaces
  • Lowers costs and liability associated with containerization and disposal of wastes
  • Reduces safety risks and spill risks

Cleaning of Cargo Vessels

The range is ideal for lighter cleaning tasks as well as powerful removal of damaged paint and rust in ballast tanks and cargo holds, rust and cement from hatch coamings and cargo grabs. The machines are delivered with injections for chemicals or sand, rotating nozzles etc.

There are many different types of cargoes which are commonly carried in bulk in today's market, and they all require different methods of hold cleaning, although one basic rule always applies, and that is that the vessel's cargo holds must always be cleaned to the highest standards possible, regardless of the next commodity to be carried. A comprehensive hold washing plan approved by the master is to be produced.

Includes the following:

  • Extent of Washing
  • Removal of bulk cargo residues
  • Hand Washing
  • Cleaning of Cargo hold bilge vessels
  • Identity of blanks to be opened / closed

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